Current Projects

I group my current research projects in several themes that currently interest me.

Please access the pages below for further details on individual projects.

Life cycle models of consumption, saving, labour supply 

The study of decisions over the life cycle and their aggregation has long been one of main research interests. I am currently interested in consumption, saving, labour supply, pensions and related issues.


Inequality in wages, earnings, consumption, mortality and well-being is a key issue. I have worked on this in the past and I have some new projects.

Risk Sharing

Risk sharing and the smoothing of income shocks has been at the centre for my research for some time.

Projects in this areas include empirical tests of risk sharing as well as the exploration of different frictions that lead to deviation from perfect risk sharing.

Human Capital

I  study the process of human development and work on the design and evaluation of interventions aimed at fostering the process of human development in disadvantaged households.


Human Capital Interventions

I am engaged in many interventions aimed at improving human capital accumulation in a variety of different contexts and in many countries, including Colombia, China, Ghana, India, and the UK.

Intra Household Allocation of resources

The impact of targeting a conditional cash transfer program: evidence from Macedonia

with Alex Armand, Pedro Carneiro and Valerie Lechene

Changing and Assessing Control: women empowerment and targeted transfers

with Ingvild Almas, Alex Armand and Pedro Carneiro.

Evaluation and Measurement tools

I am interested in the devlopment of new measurement tools, especially of Human Development, Subjective Expectations, Beliefs and Attitues.

  • I am the PI of a SDG grant financed by the British Academy
  • I am in the Intellectual Leadership Team of CEDIL, financed by DfID and headed by Howard White