Evaluation and Measurement Tools


I have worked extensively on the design of several evaluations in developing countries, sometimes facing difficult conceptual and methodological problems.

I am also convinced of the usefulness of combining Randomised Controlled Trials with Structural Models and Theory to achieve a better understanding of the way interventions work.

I am currently a member of the Intellectual Leadership Team of the Centre of Excellence for Development, Impact and Learning (CEDIL). 

Within CEDIL we have been writing a few papers.

– Complements and Alternatives to RCTs in evaluation in development

with Elisa Cavatorta

– Structural modelling in policy making

with Debbie Blair

 – Using data differently and using different data

with Ingvild Almås, Jyotsna Jalan, Francisco Oteiza and Marcella Vigneri

Measurement tools

I am involved in several projects aimed at designing and validating new measurement tools in:

  • Child development

    • We are currently scoping out a new large cohort in Tanzania
    • I have been participating into the D-Score project
  • Beliefs

    • We have collected data on maternal beliefs in Colombia, India and the UK
  • Subjective Expectations

    • I have been involved in collecting data on subjective expectations in Colombia, Mexico, Mongolia and INdia
  • Attitudes



The evolution of subjective income expectations

with Manuel Arellano and Britta Augsburg